about me

Photography allows one to escape from reality simply by seeing reality. By creating images, time stands still and can be shared with anyone.

Take a look through my lens and see sweeping landscapes, flaking paint, shining chrome. From modern skyscrapers to a gentle creek, you too can examine detail from a single moment in time.

My style tends to be interest-driven; shoots are rarely planned and happen when something on location catches my attention. Subjects are the way they were found, nothing is moved or staged. There are no artificial lights used and no tricky editing. Take a look around, and please ask questions.


All work on this site is available on an order basis. Prints range from 5x7 to 18x24, but larger or unique prints may be special ordered. Matting included; framing available for an extra charge.


I balance my time between rural nature and urban landscapes. Whether a beautiful waterfall, imposing or dilapidated buildings, or sleek automobiles, I can find and frame my subject.


Born and raised in Rochester, NY before traveling to Delaware for education, spending time in Philadelphia, and returning to the ROC to continue my journey. Find me around the Finger Lakes!

Photo of Zach Dunton ©2021 for DuntonPhoto.com

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